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Boxing is not just for professional boxers, boxing for fitness is really what I do boxing for. Let me explain a bit about my self and the point of this blog and the review on a boxing book to give you great mental training to be a great boxer for fun or to become an amateur or professional boxer or just to get fit.

I was born with bent arms,no shoulder muscles much to speak about and both arms only had 10% of bicep muscles,all in all a pretty sorry sight to view.

I was put into Great Ormond Street hospital for kids at 3 days of age. At the age of 12 and 6 big operations to transplant muscles from different parts of my body I was a skinny punk of a kid. Bearing in mind this was back in 1962 and medicine and cosmetic surgery has come a long way in 49 years.

I turned my Mothers garage into a gym. Down the road to me was a guy that had a metal shop making all types of products for companies-to cut a long story short he, I guess felt sorry for me and we designed a few pieces of equipment, like pulleys and ways to stop my training weights do me harm-no gyms much in those days so one trained alone.

Any how after some 2 years my body was just ok-I took up Karate,which helped my movements, but better still was my break through into the concept of my mind. More on that soon. There was boxing at my school, I joined much to the laughter of my class mates-Kids can be cruel some times.

The guy teaching the boxing was around 50yrs old and a gymnast Jim Abraham’s (my respect to him). He changed my life, not  by just teaching me to box but was a mentor to my mind-I never won any fights but got the respect from my class mates as they saw my broken nose and black eyes-I was in paradise!!

There was nothing in life I could not have a go at, my view was if I can go 5 rounds not get knocked out boxing and protect my self shit bring it on.

This is now when we will discuss the benefits of fighting your mind demons and fears to progress one as a great boxer and champion but also how you use these lessons in general life.

Rather than me explain all, suffice to say I recently came across a Ebook written by Paul “Denny” Denholm. This guy caught my attention as came across some of his videos on boxing on Youtube-One below

His videos and training was something I wish had been around in my youth- thank God for the internet and guys like Denny that has produced a fantastic Ebook called ” Fighting Your Demons”

Fighting Your Demons is a book that will awaken the inner warrior within you and assist you to be brave enough to go for your dreams and change everything you don’t like about yourself. It will also give you the power to enhance what you like about yourself and give you the wisdom to know why people like you…or not.

Paul “Denny” Denholm is a Boxing champion, celebrity personal trainer, military leader, international business owner, private security consultant, mentor, author, public speaker, list goes on.

What I liked about this book is it hits the hard facts of life and boxing and explores those little voices that stops you being the person you dream to be.

Literally heaps of info which I feel you would be better seeing from his site -click image below to see this great video on Dennys  site—–


Go and view his site-To me the cost of $29.99 is cheap for the in depth Denny goes into- You will love the simple but truths he opens your mind to- I wish That I could have the expertise that Denny has to put a book together like “Fighting Your Demons” well done mate-another of my mentors.


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